'the labor of a dog' 25"x36" pencil & oil on canvas

Four years ago we adopted ophie at the pound.  Going to the pound is tough.  There was an old Mastiff with an injured foot that I would have liked to take home if I stayed home more…he needed attention.  There was also a beautiful white dog with tear stained eyes that ran me all around the pound…I think she was trying to get home.    We got Ophelia.   It occurred to me that ophie looked like Equinox…with her blonde hair and dark eye liner.  Equinox is a painting by Andrew Wyeth.  I have to assume Equinox was Mr. Wyeth’s  dog since I have seen this dog in several of his paintings.  Specifically for my blog purposes, his painting,  ‘Master Bedroom’.  Wyeth’s ‘Master bedroom’ is an eloquent example of Wyeth’s fondness for the absence of presence and yet you see his ability to know his subject intensely.

'master bedroom' by Wyeth

Critics tried to create a middle ground for Wyeth’s work…between realism and abstraction….to be a realist would be too ordinary a description for someone so extraordinary.  This ‘Conservative Avante Gardist’  “What appears to be a literal transcription is instead a highly selective means toward an intense, subjective expression of mood and emotion.”

Of course my interpretation here is mine and cannot be compared but only inspired.   ‘Master Bedroom’  is one of my mom’s favorite painting’s and I guess one of mine too despite its popularity.  Ophie’s resemblance to Equinox is the driving force for this subject and that I’m reading Andrew Wyeth.

I thought using Ophie as my model  would be very William Wegman.  Putting Ophie to some creative work would make her useful and I just might get something original from her pose.  Wegman created a fascination for the weimeriner with his ability to entice his dogs into such delicate servants.   My Ophie is far from a Man-Ray (Wegman’s first muse).  She was a little confused about the set up and i found it difficult to create a sense of gentle dignity that Wegman’s weimeriener’s always have.  Needless to say my ‘Master Bedroom’ doesn’t capture the passing of time that you would see in Wyeth’s but much the same they show the simplicity of a dog’s life.



  1. I love this painting of Ophie and would love to have a print of it to hang in my home. Do you sell any prints of it or know where I could get one?

    • Thank you Jan! for the interest in Ophie. I really should pose her more often. It is a drawing on canvas with oil paint 26″x35″. there are no prints. It is in a small green carved distressed frame. I can sell it with the frame for $500. Without the frame for $425. Shipping would likely cost $60. If you are interested to see the frame, I will gladly send a photo.
      All the best! lisa

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