peregrine dancer

Now that I have finished beating myself up for not posting in September, I have managed to drag my battered body to the laptop.  September was going to be a photo finish from the start with small travel and commission (October, I think I’ve got you).   I thought a simple bird would be quick and my blog efforts would be consistent and satisfied…sorry September.  Despite my longing to be simple, she became more than a bird.

The Dali Exhibit opened in August and I was able to join the crowd in line for two blocks waiting to enter.  Once we reached the courtyard, the night lights in the trees and flamenco guitar of Witold Tulodziecki created a festive gathering (lots of creative costumes).

dali with his bird.

I was never much of a Salvador Dali fan but he was a fascinating ego.  Dali was the master of surrealism.  He was amazingly scientific with his approach.  I can’t attribute this subject as influence from him or his show however in true Dali surrealistic form; I  created this Peregrine Dancer.

Birds always get my attention.  Some join  me for lunch, begin chirping at sunrise, sit near windows, on wires, branches or fly by for the sheer fun of it.   Birds glide and soar without fear.   The bodies are designed to defy gravity and feathers to perfection.  Feathers are light but strong, flexible yet tough.
Throughout history, birds have been symbolic.  Owls mean wisdom, the dove peace and the eagle power.  For my blog, I selected the Peregrine Falcon.  She is the fastest bird and conjures thoughts of a higher power.  The Native American’s called her “Thunderbird”.  They believed that Peregrines were messengers from the Great Spirit.  Warriors and hunters of prehistoric times revered the Peregrine for its strength, enormous speed, courage, agility, keen eye sight and absolute power.  The Peregrine Falcon was sacred to the ancient Egyptians.  It was mummified as if  an important person.  The Falcon god Horus had the head of a Peregrine (with its black helmet) and the body of a man.  These headdresses were also worn by the Pharaoh’s and Indian’s.

This Peregrine Dancer offers her own interpretation.   For the falcon who trains in falconry, I have to summarize that the bird revels in the accomplishment of the sport or would simply fly away.   Falconry is the only sport that utilizes a wild animal.  It is estimated that 10,000 individuals practice falconry.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dali



  1. wow,
    So glad to see you touched by the urge to create. You are so very talented. I hope it makes you soar to make such wonderful marks on canvas and paper. Your drawing skill is so beautiful.
    would love to see more when ever you finish them.

  2. Lisa!

    “Gravity” is beautiful…..some of the colors however aren’t coming thru as strong as I think they might be….but what a lovely piece…..and the idea behind the subject is really interesting….you’re doing your research ,using wonderful imagination ,and applying classic drawing and painting skills that seem so natural for you….Congratulations…this is one of my favorites so far……You go girl!.
    keep up the good work…….M.J.

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