the library.

in a moment.

To post or not to post .  Unprepared, a little weary and trying to get back on track.   There is no new work so I decided to post this painting that I did several years ago that hangs above the microwave.   The woman in the painting has learned to adapt to the news and transformation around her.  It’s  tricky trying to find your place but one key is a little reading and coffee.  For each new year, I try to create a little more purpose only this year I mean it… wake earlier, set some intention, stretch, pray and breathe.  Welcome 2012, come in , sit down, have some coffee.

The goal behind Pencil with oil was simply to draw again.  The graphite and oil paint became experimental and I look forward to see where it will go from here.

With assistance from Jake and Mayte, we placed these blog efforts on 3 floors of the Emory Law library.  The walls are different colors giving each piece a new vantage point.   The Library was designed by George Heery with the bones of a ship as its concept.

dog on a purple wall.

Showing in a library has its benefits.  The first would be…it’s important to show your work!  Second, the artist controls the presentation.  And third, its another representative for the bio.  The uncertainty is the accessability…. The paintings will be on display for months with no sales staff.  For this library, simply gaining access is an issue.  None the less, I am pleased with the exhibit and hope the patrons enjoy the work.  Thanks to Veronica for her willingness to accommodate the local artists.

Pieta on a green wall

“Don’t be a writer.  Be writing.”    Willliam Faulkner



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