katherine with a cat

symmetry.  cats.   vacumn cleaners.  Poems  and Office Depot.   She has lived a couple of houses down since the beginning of time.   She is assertive, fairly predictable, always logical and likes organization.  Did someone say O-c-d… oh yeah, she did.   It should be no surprise that her studies involve numbers.

The house, where she grew up belonged to her grandparents. Outside the house is a very large Camilla tree and in the back yard is the largest, oldest oak tree in the world (well, maybe not the world).  The front door has a fox as a door knocker that her grandfather installed and her grandmother taught piano lessons.  Her dad likes to fish and her mom is one of the nicest people ever.

Katherine doesn’t care much for dogs with the barking and need for attention but she has always had a cat or two or three and sometimes four that made their way from homelessness.  I’m not sure that Katherine thinks of herself as tough ( in general, girls are tougher than we look) but she’s a hard worker and responsible.  Life can seem a tightrope at times but she always has her footing.

at the front door.

Though home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than a magician ever spoke, or spirit answered to, in the strongest conjuration.  Charles Dickens



  1. Absolutely stunning works (Elizabeth and Katherine). I’ve always known you are an incredibly creative and passionate artist but the same accolades to you as a writer as well! You’re an amazing woman. Can’t wait to see more of your works. Your friend and neighbor, Barbara

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