drawings and paint  has evolved from the artists who inspire me and the subjects that I find authentic.  Despite my classical beginnings, I am inspired by the innovation of my contemporaries, the spontaneity in expressionism and the clarity of minimalism.

in art and dream may you proceed with abandon.

in life may you proceed with balance and stealth.

contact for any information on my work.  lisa.me@hotmail.com



  1. Hi Ms. Lang,

    I hope all is well and brightly colored with you. I’m a student at Emory Law and I’ve been admiring your artwork on our walls. One in particular I think is fantastic (On a Wire) and I was wondering what it is priced at.

    Thanks for helping liven up the library.

    • hello Kenny. Thanks for thanking me. ‘On a wire’ is a fun painting and I hope do more like it. I can sell that painting for $2500.
      Study on. e.Lang

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