midsummer night.



When everything is still, the soul listens.  To be blind or deaf must be a springboard for the soul.  Helen Keller said that she would rather be blind than deaf because communication is our most essential tool in life.  Through language we enter fully into ourselves.  Without it we may never realize our potential.

Does choosing sight make me naïve, shallow or anti social? Sometimes to see vaguely with intuition is more compelling because you get the essence of something but to see clearly with silence must allow the experience to resonate in your memory.  With modern technology, (4g phones, video cams, closed caption, open caption, internet, social media and email) the deaf are more equipped with communication outlets than years past.  Jake is home for the summer from college and of course my victim for this post.  Jake had a cochlear implant at 6 years old.  He hated what he heard but we forced him to wear the receiver. The cochlear implant stopped working almost one year to the day it was implanted.  We chose not to repair and enjoy our son’s deafness.  With all of the ups and downs of deafness, it is a beautiful culture and I will always have a strong veneration for deaf.

I thought it would be appropriate to post during a Midsummer Night’s Eve.  It is a time to let go of the past, enjoy a post and look to the beginning of new things to come.  In High School, Jake performed as Puck for Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.   I consider this one of his most impressive creative efforts.  I enjoy the theatre and expected this to be your average High school play but it was a spectacular major town event.  Jake was mesmerizing.  He received an award for his lead role as Best Supporting Actor and his photo was on the front page of the Rome Tribune with an article about his outstanding performance that read – One of the show’s breakout stars is sure to be Jake Spencer, who with his sharp features and shaggy blonde tresses, looks like he was born to play Puck.  In the tale of twisted love triangles, Puck clandestinely splashes other characters with a love potion that leads to a cascade of confusion.  ”He’s just got the gift,”   Director, Donna Keller said of Spencer.  Below is the photo of Jake and more copy that appeared on the cover of the Rome Tribune.

Shakespeare performance by Jake.

Bathed in blue stage light, Spencer’s eyes widened as he fanned his fingers forward and boldly swept his hand to just below his chin, his index finger pointing upward – sign for ‘offend’.

“Be careless in your dress if you must, but keep a tidy soul. ”  Mark Twain